Another reason to love the Olympics

As if one needs another reason to love the Olympics…the Olympic Truce:

Members of Syria’s delegation signed the Truce Wall, a glass structure in the Olympic Village in London. While this is only a symbolic gesture — they have no direct say in what their government and the rebels fighting to overthrow it does — it brings a tear to one’s eye.

Aside from the sports — which are exciting, glamorous, and just plain fun to watch — this is what the Olympic spirit is all about, and has been since ancient Greece. From the International Olympic Truce Centre:

Every two years humanity watches in awe as the people of the world unite in friendly competition at the Olympic Games. It’s a truly inspiring spectacle leaving us all thinking … why can’t it always be like this? Imagine peace …

And this is the reason why the Games were first held in 776 BC in ancient Olympia. 
To allow warring Greek city states to set aside conflict, to celebrate togetherness, to experience peace inspired by sport, to imagine peace …

This is the Olympic Truce. An ancient tradition. A peace accord which lasted through more than 1,200 years of ancient history. A truce which has now been revived to offer hope and an opportunity for dialogue. Encouraging and inspiring all humanity to … imagine peace.

For a few weeks at least, we can all unite under one flag:





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